Innovating Ways to Modernize Convenience Store Shopping

The Times… They Are ‘a-Changin’

In 2019, consumers spent $602 billion online with U.S. merchants—an increase of 15% from the previous year

  • At the same time, the number of brick-and-mortar locations has decreased by 2% since 2017

  • In fact, retailers announced plans to close more than 9,300 stores in 2019, smashing the record of 8,300 store closings in 2017


However…Convenience Stores Are Weathering the Storm!

C stores are one of the few categories that simply do not lend itself to e-commerce—even during a pandemic


Time Is of the Essence—ShopMart-U Is the Answer

When you want to spend even less time out and about, even 3 minutes and 33 seconds may be too much when you are in the company of those who are not practicing social distancing


A recent study conducted by L.E.K Consulting revealed that because of COVID-19, 63% of consumers are using debit/credit cards to avoid handling cash and 59% are using self-checkout to avoid interaction with cashiers

The Emergence of New Payment Methods Means New Opportunities for C Stores ShopMart-U is 100% mobile payment.

Across all attributes, consumers would rather use mobile payments than credit/debit card while in-store


Amazon Go blends speed of checkout and mobile payment. They are the first to adopt the cash- and cashier-less business concept in the U.S.

Currently available in 21 locations in Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and more on the way


How Amazon Go operates:

1. Scan your barcode on your Amazon Go app as you walk into the store
2. Take whichever items you want and simply walk out the store
3. The Amazon Go store has sensors that track what you take off or put back on the shelves
4. When you leave the store, your Amazon account will be charged for the items you left the store with, and you can check your receipt in the app to make sure it’s correct

  • At an Amazon Go, you can find fresh products, meat and seafood, bakery items, and household essential items you’d typically find at most grocery stores

To Leverage Amazon Go Operational Format, ShopMart-U introduces its Retail Frictionless Technology Solution

Frictionless Technology is the combination of Computer vision, edge technology and sensor fusion. The process is synthesized to give the customer a checkout free (frictionless) shopping experience

Our technology solution gives the Retailer the ability to operate a store without accepting cash and requiring any staff to operate the daily activities that a conventional retail store would mandate


  • No Biometric data/facial recognition
  • 24/7 monitoring group for quick resolutions
  • Fully accurate system in ID product purchase
  • Multi people at same time shopping capability with ease


  • Social distance monitoring
  • No contact shopping
  • Retailer prepared for post Covid scenarios
  • No standing in lines – customer flow increases


  • EBITDA is higher due to dramatic reduction in overall costs
  • Greatly reduces shoplifting and vendor losses


  • Cloud based - Managed from all your devices
  • Leveraging The Technology Platform For Ordering Items
  • Deep understanding and analytics of your customer