Frictionless Technology for Retail

Welcome to the Convenience Stores of the Future

Welcome to ShopMart-U where we help our clients maximize profits and productivity through innovative frictionless technology for retail. We’re here for the entrepreneurs, retail owners, and corporations looking to get into the retail business or grow within their retail market.

With our frictionless retail technology, retailers now have the ability to run and fully operate their stores without the added hassle of working with cash. Instead, they can use our convenient and easy-to-operate technology for all daily activities, including a checkout-free — frictionless — experience for your customers.

A Convenient Retail Option

With ShopMart-U’s frictionless retail technology, retails can maximize their productivity and sales while customers can streamline their shopping experience. ShopMart-U is your personal retail specialist; we’ve carefully studied retail experiences and created our frictionless technology for retail that represents cutting-edge technology, designed to streamline the retail experience. Additionally, our technology is fast and secure.

If you’re ready to change the way your retail center does business for the better, and to benefit your organization and customers alike, get in contact with ShopMart-U. We’ll go over your options and help you get set up with the best system for your needs. Jumpstart your company’s future by investing in our frictionless retail technology today.

To learn more about our frictionless technology for retail, click on the “Program Overview” button above. For further questions and inquiries, hit the “Contact Us” button or give our team a call at (215) 287-0499 to get started. We look forward to partnering with you and sharing our innovative technology with your company.