Computer Vision Vending Machine

What is it and why is it Special?

Based on Computer Vision (CV), deep learning, and multi-sensor fusion technologies, we create a “take and go” frictionless shopping experience, and help upgrade traditional vending machines to the most advanced CV Vending Machines. It is a Refrigerated Vending Machine with 30-50 SKU’s capacity (depending on product mix). Entry and payment are with the Retailer’s proprietary App or Mobile Payments (IE. Paypal, venmo, Ect.)

For The Customer

Following the instructions to the side of the CV Vending Machine, the Customer scans the QR Code with their Mobil Phone. The Customer then follows the App’s prompts to link Credit Card/info or use mobile payments. The Customer then puts the QR code up to the Reader on the CV Vending Handle and this will open the door…you are now ready to Shop!

For The Retailer

There are (2) ways that the CV Vending Machine can be deployed:(1) As an Owner/Operator, my company can operate the Vending machine at No Cost to the institution/entity
(2) The Institution/Entity can purchase the CV Vending Machine an operate it.It is a low-cost way to conduct Retail business at basically any commercial venue.
The Proforma indicates a 19% Net Profit and a 60% ROI with a higher than Industry average Ticket Dollar purchase.
Performance, Sales, Inventory levels, etc. can be monitored on any device thru the Cloud’s Digital Dashboard.
No theft issues due to the Computer Vision monitoring the Person who tracks purchases as well as ‘put backs'.
Whatever the Customer takes out of the CV Vending Machine, it will be charged to that customer.The Retailer’s App is Free. My company will put the Retailer’s Name/Logo on their App.

Specs for the CV Vending Machine

Communication Method : 4G
Number of SKU’s: 30-50 depending on product mix
Dimensions : 2.5ft Wide/2.5ft Depth/6.5ft High
Temperature : 34-50F
Net Weight : 278lbs
Voltage : 200V