Program Overview

Premium Contactless Shopping for On-the-Go Store Visitors

ShopMart-U is Poised to Positively Disrupt the C-Store Industry

How It Works: The Technical Stuff

  • ShopMart-U combines sensors, cameras, and sophisticated software to create a state-of-the-art automated retail solution

  • All the data is processed inside your store for maximum security

  • Our system is trained to recognize tens of thousands of SKUs with pinpoint accuracy, including shelved products of any size, dry goods or frozen foods, fresh produce, dispensed drinks, and many more

  • Only electronic payment is permitted

How It Works: For The Customer

  • Customers enter a ShopMart-U store via an application on your phone, a credit card, or mobile payments.

  • Once customers are inside, they shop for items, e.g. snacks, drinks, sandwiches, various cooler or freezer items, basic health and beauty aids, select what they need off the shelves and then just exit the store

  • A receipt showing what was purchased will show up on their phone after they exit in minutes. It is so quick and easy that most people can be in and out in under a minute. Only electronic payment is allowed—no cash. The cameras and integrated technology will identify what you picked and charge you accordingly